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Separate offices - no open space

Private parking

Bike parking

Remote work option

Flexible working hours

Birthday - extra day off!

Educations, conferences

Meal allowance

Baby bonus

Christmas bonus, Holiday pay

Coffee, juice, fruit and snacks

Relocation option

Parties and events

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Kastavska ul. 8A, 10000, Zagreb, Hrvatska

Full Cast & Crew

Photo ofAndrija Gligora

Andrija Gligora

Head of Sales

Photo ofIva Hrestak

Iva Hrestak

Head of People and Culture

Photo ofSandi Zeher

Sandi Zeher

Principal Engineer

Photo ofDijana Perić

Dijana Perić

Head of Engineering

Photo ofPavle Andrić

Pavle Andrić

Software Engineer

Photo ofAnita Berišić

Anita Berišić

Office Administrator

Photo ofEla Gazivoda

Ela Gazivoda

Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Photo ofFilip Šoljić

Filip Šoljić

Software Engineer

Photo ofIvan Dilberović

Ivan Dilberović

Lead Software Engineer

Photo ofPredrag Bojić

Predrag Bojić

Lead System Engineer

Photo ofAna Schauperl

Ana Schauperl

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Photo ofDajana Stojanović

Dajana Stojanović

Quality Assurance Engineer